The Art of Erica Fielder
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Thank you for your interest in my work. These pastels and watercolors were created for interpretive panels I’ve made since 1983. The titles of the art pieces are actually the titles of the interpretive panels for which they were made. I hope you enjoy looking at them as purely works of art.

All artworks are copyright © Erica Fielder Studio

ducks & geese monarch  
Ducks & Geese Monarchs   San Francisco Bay as Estuary
blackbirds   who eats whom
The Riches of Wetlands Freshwater Marsh   Who Eats Whom in a Tidal Slough
Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly A Question of Balance   Endangered Species
Home is Where the Habitat Is Migration   Detail From Salmon In The Trees
Ecosystems That Never Touch The Ground Salmon In The Trees   Wetland Restoration
  Seal & Sea Lions   Sea Otter
The Art of Sculpting A Flood Terrace Seals & Sea Lions   Sea Otter
Shore Birds Mudflats   White-crowned Sparrow (detail)
Northern Flicker (detail) American Kestrel (detail)   Meadowlark (detail)
  Steller's Jay
Barn & Violet-green Swallows (detail) Pygmy Nuthatch (detail)   Steller's Jay
Snowy Plovers   Point Arena Mountain Beaver
Spotted Owl Snowy Plovers   Point Arena Mountain Beaver
Flying Squirrel   Sonoma Vole (detail)
Wandering Salamander (detail) Flying Squirrel   Sonoma Vole (detail)
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